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Audiobeast - FIBUA - Street from shooting position Browning 1


  Steve Whetman - March 2019   Appox. 50 minutes long.   90% of this was previously a talk I gave at Edinburgh Festival of Sound, built from my previous blog posts and presentations starting 2012.   OBJECTIVES AND PLANNING   Variety - Environment vs Weapons Lots of spaces - good for project realism Lots of weapons...


Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition

Above: Peter Burgis, foley artist, destroying fruit in the name of wonderfully gory audio.   While at Splash Damage I headed up audio on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, working closely with The Coalition in Vancouver, and with Pinewood on foley duty.  It was a fantastic project to work on,...

Rocky recording2

Iceland Wildlife Recording

Some of these recordings were used for sound design on Batman: Arkham Origins and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.   Man made noise is everywhere, it's invasive and masks a place's natural sound, it's more or less accepted as part of life.  Stand in a field in...


Dual Subs And Junk Metal

I always need rattling metal sounds, pretty much every project I've worked on has had some sort of metal that rattled, be it pipes, a gangway, a giant robot with eye laser or corrugated roofing.  A while back before I joined Splash I did a little...