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Batman: Arkham Origins Music

Above: Strings session with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra   I headed up audio on the unique and awesome Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer while at Splash Damage, working with Warner Brothers and Rocksteady.  The multiplayer component of Arkham Origins had different requirements to single player, the music needed to be bespoke so...



In order to share this publicly i have kept certain details as generic as possible, except for the recording equipment of course!   This session happened towards the end of the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition dev cycle, but i just managed to get some of this...


Recording Historic Guns

Above: A WWII Vickers gun, shortly after firing.   Many of the recordings covered in this post were used for projects while at Splash Damage, for weapon audio design for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Batman: Arkham Origins and Dirty Bomb.   Recording guns is hard, the logistics of...

Rocky recording2

Iceland Wildlife Recording

Some of these recordings were used for sound design on Batman: Arkham Origins and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.   Man made noise is everywhere, it's invasive and masks a place's natural sound, it's more or less accepted as part of life.  Stand in a field in...


Dual Subs And Junk Metal

I always need rattling metal sounds, pretty much every project I've worked on has had some sort of metal that rattled, be it pipes, a gangway, a giant robot with eye laser or corrugated roofing.  A while back before I joined Splash I did a little...